Karla Gilson Hunt was born in Detroit, Michigan and moved to New Orleans in l962. Inspired by the beauty of the deep South and the romantic charm of the French Quarter, Karla found her expression in oil painting. "My passion has always been to capture the ever changing patterns of sunlight and shadow on canvas."


Whether it be a lacy French Quarter balcony, a shrimpboat reflected in the bayou waters or the moss draped oaks framing the colonial homes along the Gulf Coast, her oil paintings embody the true essense of the South.


I lost my home, of thirty three years in Hurricane Katrina. I have moved to Perry, Georgia. I am starting over. This new move will bring fresh, creative ideas to my work but my heart will always be in New Orleans.


Karla's paintings have been painted mostly on location and are one of a kind. Her paintings are in collections all over the world.


I am pleased that you have taken the time to visit my online studio. I hope that you have enjoyed my paintings and will return again as I am always adding new paintings to my site.






If you have any questions please contact me   www.paintingsinlight.com or 478.972.0039.  Thank you for visiting my online gallery.